Ambassador expresses gratitude to Azerbaijanis for their patriotism, who faced Armenian provocation in London

Ambassador expresses gratitude to Azerbaijanis for their patriotism, who faced Armenian provocation in London
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  • calendar-gray 18 July 2020

Azerbaijani Embassy in Great Britain has commented on Armenian provocation conducted in the rally held by Azerbaijani citizens in London, APA’s British bureau reports.

Azerbaijanis living in London held a peaceful rally regarding Armenia’s next provocation against Azerbaijan in front of the Armenian embassy yesterday.

During the rally, Armenians committed provocation, and attempted to insult state attributes of Azerbaijan. During the short confrontation, Zaur Teymurov who came from Manchester to attend the meeting was injured.

The ambassador Tahir Taghizade received Azerbaijanis who attended confrontation with Armenian side, in the embassy on that day, and thanked them on behalf of the state of Azerbaijan, for their patriotism.

The Ambassador stated that first of all, as an Azerbaijani then as a diplomat he fully supports the steps taken by our compatriots to protect the attributes of the state:  “As an Embassy, we warned our compatriots participating in the rally that the Armenian side would try to make a provocation and we advised them to be cautious during facing the provocative behavior of the enemy. However, there are some events that must be responded to only through true courage and patriotism.”
Z.Teymurov, who was injured in the clash, was taken to hospital by an embassy employee to provide the necessary medical help. The relevant certificate obtained as a result of the medical examination will also be presented to the British police and the public as an indicator of Armenian violence. According to the decision of Ambassador T.Taghizade, starting from today Azerbaijani Embassy in Great Britain has switched to 24-hour shift working mode.
Note that our 150 compatriots attended the rally and some of them came to London that day from other British cities just to attend the rally. The Turkish community living in Great Britain also joined our compatriots. During the rally,
During the rally, our Azerbaijani compatriots chanted slogans such as "Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan," "End the Armenian aggression," "Give up Azerbaijani lands," and the national anthem of Azerbaijan was sung.


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