Azerbaijan’s MFA appeals to citizens

Azerbaijan’s MFA appeals to citizens
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  • calendar-gray 23 March 2020

"Currently the whole world is fighting against the dangerous novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared pandemic at global level. The Azerbaijani government is taking serious measures in order to prevent the risk of spreading of the COVID-19 infection, and this process is under direct control of the head of the state", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told APA

In the existing situation, due to the closure of our country’s land and air ways and the temporary suspension of flights, the special charter flights are being organized in order to bring back in Azerbaijan the country’s citizens being in foreign countries and wishing to return to their native country. 

The Azerbaijan Republic being guided by the principle of taking care of its citizens has ensured bringing back in the country of about 10,000 Azerbaijani citizens being in Iran, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Belarus, Russia and other countries at public expense by AZAL’s special charter flights and other transport facilities.

In order to prevent spread of COVID-19 virus, the citizens brought back to the country are taken through medical examination and are placed under special 14-21 days quarantine regime at public expense.

According to recommendations of the World Health Organization, we insistently ask our citizens being abroad to comply with the quarantine rules of the countries of their temporary stay.

We call on every our citizens and their relatives to restrict as much as possible the travels abroad including the return travels in order to ensure security of the Azerbaijani state, to comply with self-isolation rules in the countries of temporary stay and to behave patiently. We believe that by demonstrating appreciation and solidarity we will overcome temporary difficulties together".

Zumrud Pashkin

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