Chairman of Turkish parliament: “Our position is concrete, we stand by Azerbaijan under any condition” - INTERVIEW

Chairman of Turkish parliament: “Our position is concrete, we stand by Azerbaijan under any condition” - INTERVIEW
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  • calendar-gray 17 July 2020

The interview of the chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) Mustafa Sentop with APA.

– It is known that Armenia has been committing provocations on Tovuz site of the border with Azerbaijan beginning from July 12. The President of Turkey, the ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Turkey have already condemned Armenia’s provocations. What are your thoughts about this?

– At the moment of commencement of provocations on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, I issued a statement. Armenia’s aggressive actions are not only an issue between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This is is a great threat and serious risk in terms of regional peace. The course of the events shows that the Armenian government is insistent on these attacks. I ask Allah to bestow mercy on souls of our Azerbaijani brothers martyred as a result of Armenia’s provocation in Tovuz region of brotherly Azerbaijan, and I condole with the Azerbaijani people and government.

Of course, Azerbaijan shows a proper reactions. But the world community and the international organizations also should sound its high voice of protest against these aggressive steps of Armenia. All international organizations headed by the OSCE Minsk Group should warn Armenia against these aggressive behaviors. Armenia has already demonstrated its similar aggressive attitude previously and gives the cues that it will continue such actions. I once again emphasize that this also creates a very serious threat in terms of regional security.

The are already the well-known decisions based on international law of the international organizations headed by the UNO regarding the territories occupied by Armenia. But Armenia should receive necessary responses by its behaviors contradicting with these decisions. In this sense, I call on all international organizations including the OSCE Minsk Group and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to show concrete attitude.

 Expressing his concern about clashes on the border, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Armenia’s systematic attacks can cause long-term conflict, and it will affect the region. Turkish President called on the countries of the region to be principled and sincere. Do you also have any appeal as a head of Grand National Assembly of Turkey?

–If we say with words of our President, Armenia's aggressive behaviors, and behaviors which ignite the occupation, since the occupation of Nagorno Garabagh has the potential to lead to serious conflicts in the region. These attacks destroy the stability of not only Azerbaijan but also the region. The countries of the region should also take measures against this. The countries of the region also have the responsibility to establish peace in the region and we consider it is necessary for them to take necessary steps in this regard. Armenia will increase its such behaviors until it does not see necessary resistance from the countries of the region. As our Mr. President said, international organizations, especially the countries of the region should show a principled and sincere position.

– Once again, the OSCE Minsk Group showed loyal position issuing a general statement. What was the position of this organization on the issue during your cooperation with the OSCE PA when you were the chairman of the TURKPA, and are you satisfied with that?

– The OSCE PA has not made a statement on this issue in accordance with the gravity and significance of the events. There was a perfunctorily statement on Twitter. In fact, the OSCE PA must take a more serious response, as it is responsible for the security of the region. In this regard, I also informed our representative in the OSCE PA, like Turkey, that we expect such behavior from this organization. I once again offer my condolences to our Azerbaijani brothers and wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

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