Chief Ombudsman of Turkey: “What happened in Ganja are atrocity”

Chief Ombudsman of Turkey: “What happened in Ganja are atrocity”
  • Clock-gray 17:43
  • calendar-gray 22 October 2020

“Today visiting you in Ganja is our only purpose,” said Chief Ombudsman of Turkey Seref Malkoc, APA reports.

Visiting the destroyed area as a result of terrorism committed in Ganja by Armenians S. Malkoc called what happened in there as an atrocity.

“There are bombs launched at night hours on innocent people, civilian people, children as a result of genocide. The war has been existing since the creation of the world, I wish it wouldn’t exist. But the place where the war is waged is known, it is waged on the battle territories. The launching of a bomb on the civilian population, killing of them in the darkness of night is a crime, an act of barbarism. This has never been forgiven. Those who committed these mistakes, who killed innocent people will give an account in front of the law. They will give account if not today, then tomorrow. History has witnessed this. We, Turkey’s Ombudsmen are unanimous with the Azerbaijani Ombudsman’s Office".


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