David Evans: OSCE Minsk Group has a responsibility

David Evans: OSCE Minsk Group has a responsibility
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  • calendar-gray 16 July 2020

"I was really saddened to see what had happened with the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan. I am a very good friend to Azerbaijan," said David Evans, head of the Senate Publishing, member of the House of Lords of the UK parliament, APA's European bureau reports.

"I would like to send my condolences to the president, to the people, to my very good friends in Azerbaijan and say how saddened I was to see the loss of lives with your general his family and obviously all of the families of the soldiers and civilians that had been killed in this very unfortunate conflict. All aggressive behavior by any forces is unfortunate and totally disagreeable and I condemn it unconditionally. 

OSCE Minsk Group has a responsibility in my view to mediate which was as agreed and I very much look forward to that happening. It should happen soon or later because nobody wants a full scare of war. Whatever the rights or wrongs of this conflict are. I do hope both sides Armenia and Azerbaijan can be persuaded to have meaningful talks to discuss the problem. It is not just this latest flareup, it is the long term problem which is gone much too long and to everyone's' benefit. Obviously nobody wants a war where we have a tremendous loss of lives 

I do hope the international community will be behind the meditation and I know that the UK government has expressed its concerns. I know that The All-Party Parliamentary group is behind the calling for a resolution of this conflict as soon as possible and I support this fully," he said. 

Aytan Abbasli

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