Eldar Namazov: “Turkey should play its role in OSCE Minsk group”

Eldar Namazov: “Turkey should play its role in OSCE Minsk group”
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“Very important geopolitical changes are happening in our region. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we are witnessing the most important geopolitical changes. The geopolitical situation in the region after the collapse of the USSR was that only Russia had maintained its military and political influence in the region. More economic interests of Western countries had formed here. This mainly was about energy projects. The changes happening now are very important. After the collapse of the USSR for the first time these changes cover the military-political scene,” the head of the International Center for Strategic Studies, political scientist Eldar Namazov told APA.

He stated that changes are taking place in the South Caucasus directed to change the balance of powers: “The information disseminated by Azerbaijani side is of great interest for several reasons. For the first time, the conversation of Azerbaijani President with a foreign head of state is conveyed to the public in such detail. Azerbaijani side revealing the main essence of the negotiations gave very serious messages to Azerbaijani society and to the international community. The President of Azerbaijan highlighted the public's dissatisfaction in the speech itself. This is enough new approach that requires political will. Because conveying the interest of the society means that internal consensus exists in  Azerbaijan on these issues. The questions addressed to Russia, are addressed on behalf of every Azerbaijani. It is a very serious message to Russia. During the phone conversation, the Azerbaijani President has touched upon events that led to serious geopolitical changes. In fact, he announced very serious steps ahead. These serious steps are also connected with the rise of military-political cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey to a new stage.”

E. Namazov noted that one of the main goals of the Armenians conducting provocation against Azerbaijan in the direction of Tovuz region in July was to take control of the international gas and oil pipelines located very close to the Armenian side in that area: “It was possible to control these international energy pipelines from the heights that the Armenian side wanted to capture. In those days, a large amount of ammunition and weapons was transported from Russia to Armenia by 7 military planes. The steps taken by Russia and Armenia caused a response reaction. I think that raising military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey to a new level will lead to positive trends.”

E. Namazov emphasized that sending weapons to Armenia means supporting the aggressor, preventing the settlement of the conflict and strengthening the existing the status quo: “The activities of the OSCE Minsk Group have long been severely criticized by the Azerbaijani public. The recent assessment of the activities of the Minsk Group co-chairs by the President of Azerbaijan almost reflected the reaction of the public. The President has repeatedly stressed that the negotiations of recent years have no meaning, the Minsk Group has not made any serious attempt regarding liberate the occupied territories in accordance with its mandate and UN Security Council resolutions. The President of Azerbaijan warned that we will not hold more meaningless negotiations. This is a very serious warning. Turkey, at the same time, is one of the members of Minsk Group. Turkey should play its role in the Minsk Group. We usually list the names three countries – the US, France and Russia. Recent events show that as Turkey's military-political influence in our region grows, there must be very serious changes in the negotiations on Garabagh after achieving balancing Russia’s influence in the region. In fact, more effective discussions can take place among the quartet the Turkey, Azerbaijan-Russia, Armenia. Here Turkey can neutralize the negative role that Russia plays in this issue. In particular, if Azerbaijan uses military force to liberate its lands, then it is Turkey that can prevent Russia's intervention as a third party."

E. Namazov does not rule out that Turkey's role in the OSCE Minsk Group will increase: “It is very well understood within the Minsk Group that their efforts do not give results. Minsk group itself has repeatedly stated that the status quo has to change, but Armenia does not allow it. Minsk group understands that it is helpless and they do not have mechanisms to put pressure on Armenia. In this sense, the Minsk Group has repeatedly allowed Russia to take the initiative independently. Russia has repeatedly initiated some mediation between Azerbaijan and Armenia on its own behalf. Minsk group could not get anything from these initiatives too. Therefore, I guess that another member of the Minsk Group-Turkey’s putting forward its influence and direct participation in the process to be more active and to obtain concrete results should not concern the Minsk Group so much. Because the Minsk Group itself understands that its efforts do not bear any results.”

Firuza Vahid

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