Hikmat Hajiyev: "Many Armenians fearing confrontation with Azerbaijan leave Armenia"

Hikmat Hajiyev: "Many Armenians fearing confrontation with Azerbaijan leave Armenia"
  • Clock-gray 15:38
  • calendar-gray 12 August 2020

“In regard to the moments about panarmenianism taken their place in Armenia’s new National Security Strategy, I would like to note this actually means interference in domestic affairs of other countries. Because the areas and priorities for Armenians living there are determined by Armenia”, said Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Issues Department of the Administration Hikmat Hajiyev while commenting on Armenia’s new National Security Strategy, APA reports.


He said it is noted in the strategy that the conditions will be created for repatriation of Armenians to Armenia: “Thereby, Armenia pursues the goal of obtaining extra human resources for the policy of illegal settlement on the occupied Azerbaijani territories”.

The Presidential aide said the existence of demographic crisis, deep poverty, social inequality and social polarization in Armenia is openly confessed in the document and the growing emigration is indicated as one of the main problems: “Besides, a number of ideas regarding Armenia’s economic development take their place in the document. But we shouldn’t forget that as long as Armenia doesn’t withdraw from the Azerbaijani territories, it will be left beyond the regional economic projects, will live in economic isolation conditions. If the conflict is not solved, it is senseless to talk about any economic development perspectives in Armenia, as well as elimination of emigration, poverty, unemployment and social inequality.

The stabilization of number of population and the achievement of demographic growth have been put forward as goals of the Armenian state. But if Armenia continues its occupational policy, it will in no way be able to achieve these goals and the situation will further aggravate. Because people don’t have confidence in Armenia’s future and many Armenians fearing confrontation with Azerbaijan leave the country”.


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