Hikmet Hajiyev: “Gathering at border of people wishing to return to Azerbaijan is not way out of situation”

Hikmet Hajiyev: “Gathering at border of people wishing to return to Azerbaijan is not way out of situation”
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  • calendar-gray 13 May 2020

“When bringing our citizens back from abroad, the situation inside the country is also taken into consideration”, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan-Head of the Department of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Hikmat Hajiyev said at a briefing held by Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan when commenting on staying in tents of a group of the Azerbaijani citizens at Russia-Azerbaijan border, APA reports.

H. Hajiyev said in recent days, the infection cases in the country have been increasing: “The people who have contacted with the infected persons should also be detected and put in quarantine zones. And this causes restriction of capacity of the quarantine sites”.

H. Hajiyev noted that the “I am returning home” portal is functioning in regard to return from Russia: “The state agencies of the two countries should work in coordinated manner for organization of return, the sanitary and epidemiological preparations should be implemented. The last time, 540 our citizens were brought from Russia to our country. We also maintain communication with the Russian side regarding our citizens being in Russia’s Daghestan region. We recommend our citizens that the gathering at the border is not a way out of the situation. Some restriction should also be imposed on people’s individual movement freedom. Our cooperation with the concerned agencies of Russia is continued. Taking into consideration also the time schedule specified on the portal and the capabilities of the quarantine zones, the return process is being continued. This process is being implemented taking into consideration also the sick, elderly and aged people being in other countries”.

Ramiz Mikayıloğlu

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