Israeli Ambassador attends Guba Genocide Memorial Complex

Israeli Ambassador attends Guba Genocide Memorial Complex
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  • calendar-gray 30 January 2020

Israel’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek has visited Guba, APA’s north bureau reports.

The ambassador initially was received by Head of Guba Region Executive Power Ziyaddin Aliyev and was given detailed information about the region.

Then the delegation led by G. Deek attended Guba Genocide Memorial Complex.

They were provided with detailed information about the genocide committed by Armenian and Bolshevik armed units.

It was brought to notice that Guba Genocide Memorial Complex created with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation was opened on September 18, 2013. In the complex there are the images various territories of Guba City at the beginning of the XX century, the construction and building work implemented there in those times, and the photos reflecting people’s living style. 

On the special map demonstrated on the monitor installed in the complex, it is possible to obtain information in several languages about the genocide actions committed in various regions of the country against out people in the past century by Armenians.

It was noted that Guba genocide cemetery was discovered on April 1, 2007, during land working in the area. Afterward broad research work was conducted by the employees of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of ANAS in the mass cemetery. As a result of the researches, it was identified that the cemetery is associated with the genocide committed by Armenians against local civilians in 1918.

The ambassador has today visited Guba ASAN Service center and several processing institutions operating in Guba.

 It is planned that he will visit tomorrow to Red settlement a place of compact residence of mountain Jews.

Vali Turan

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