MFA: Armenia’s amendments rejected by both Monitoring Committee of the PACE and plenary of the Assembly

MFA: Armenia’s amendments rejected by both Monitoring Committee of the PACE and plenary of the Assembly
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  • calendar-gray 27 January 2021

On January 25, a resolution, entitled “Progress report of the PACE Monitoring Procedure for 2020” of the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has been adopted, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told APA.

Main occurrences in countries, as well as in Azerbaijan and Armenia, which involved in the monitoring process or dialogue after the monitoring in the resolution draft regarding the report, which is prepared traditionally every year, are assessed and relevant recommendations are given.

Relevant articles have been noted in the resolution in the context of battles between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It is noted in the 5th Article of the document that “Committee observes occurrences regarding military combat operations between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh zone, has put forward a debate on the current issues in the topic, organized an exchange of views with the participation of Deputies of both sides, co-rapporteurs on Armenia and Azerbaijan have called for peaceful resolution of the conflict”. Following opinions have been noted in the 11th Article of the resolution:

“In regard to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Assembly calls on all sides to avoid from inflammatory rhetoric, preventing political dialogue, calls on Armenia and Azerbaijan to carry out articles of the statement on humanitarian issues within the short period of time, calls on all sides to conduct an exchange of military hostages and bodies immediately, respect cultural heritage and invites Monitoring Committee to seek ways for contribution to an atmosphere, which is favorable for peace process at the parliamentary level. Assembly expresses severe concern due to information and claims on violation of humanitarian and human rights of all sides during the conflict, claims on the degradation of some religious places and monuments, as well as the destruction of private property and expects for a full investigation of this information and elimination of violations and judge of perpetrators.”

Note that the attempts of the Armenian delegation to PACE to introduce groundless amendments to the draft resolution ended in failure. The amendments by the Armenian side were rejected by both the monitoring committee and the plenum of the Assembly.

In addition, the Armenian delegation, based on the procedure of debates on current issues within the framework of the session, wanted to hold a discussion on the topic “unreasonable delay by the Azerbaijani authorities of the return of Armenian prisoners and other detainees as a violation of European international human rights standards”. In this regard, the Azerbaijani delegation sent a letter to the PACE President, in which the position of Azerbaijan on this issue was brought to his attention and it was emphasized that such a debate is unacceptable. Consequently, the organization's bureau considered it inappropriate to hold a debate on this topic.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that on January 25, Secretary-General of the Council of Europe Maria Peichinovich Buric, speaking to the PACE members at the winter half-session, once again expressed the position of the organization and noted that the organization welcomes the trilateral statement signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan dated 10 November. She noted that within the framework of the powers of the Council of Europe, it is ready to provide support to both countries in the post-conflict period and for this purpose is holding consultations with the parties.


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