Rally in support of Azerbaijan Armed Forces held in Israel - VIDEO

Rally in support of Azerbaijan Armed Forces held in Israel - VIDEO
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  • calendar-gray 09 August 2020

A rally was held in Tel Aviv, Israel, to protest against the recent military provocations of Armenia and to support the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which bravely prevented the treacherous attack of the enemy, APA reports.

The rally which organized by the Head of "Azerbaijan House in Israel" attended by 400 Azerbaijani origin compatriots.

Those who delivered speech at the rally displayed the national flags of Azerbaijan and Israel, pictures of our martyrs killed in the April and Tovuz battles and various slogans and strongly condemned the aggressive policy of Armenia.

During the rally, the names of our heroic martyrs were mentioned one by one, "Shoot, go trench, Azerbaijani soldier!", "Martyrs never die, the homeland never be divided!", "End to Armenian terror!", "End to Armenian aggression!", "Karabakh is Azerbaijan! "," Karabakh is ours, it will be ours "," If you call me, I will come, long live native Azerbaijan! I will die for you, long live native Azerbaijan! " and other slogans were chanted.

The rally, controlled by local police, ended with a statement.

The statement said that the members and leaders of the House of Azerbaijan in Israel, as well as members of the Coordinating Council of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in Israel condemn and protest against the shameless and provocative military provocations committed by the Armenian occupation forces on the state border in Tovuz. It was noted that as a result of the decisive response of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, the Armenian occupiers withdrew and suffered heavy losses.

"We - Jews originally from Azerbaijan, are well acquainted with the problems of Nagorno-Karabakh, and as early as the 1990s, we witnessed that Dashnak groups abused the turmoil of the collapse of the USSR, when the Azerbaijani army had not yet been formed, shamelessly occupying Azerbaijani lands, gathering Armenian militants from Syria and other countries," reads the statement.

Our compatriots emphasized that the Israelis, originally from Azerbaijan, are proud of the success and heroism of the Azerbaijani army. "Today, a new generation of our diaspora has grown up in Israel, ready to show self-sacrifice and heroism on behalf of Azerbaijan. We, all Jews of Azerbaijani origin, are ready to contribute to the sacred cause of liberating Azerbaijani lands under Armenian occupation for more than 28 years."


A rally in support of the Azerbaijani state and army is held in Israel’s Tel Aviv, APA reports.

The rally is organized by the Head of "Azerbaijan House in Israel" Nehemiah Shirin Michaeli and held in front of the Armenian Center and the municipal Armenian church.

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