Turkish Foreign Ministry responded to the Armenian MFA

Turkish Foreign Ministry responded to the Armenian MFA
  • Clock-gray 10:24
  • calendar-gray 16 July 2020

"The Armenian government must quickly gather its wits and learn to be part of the solution, not the problems in the South Caucasus," The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey released this statement today, APA's local bureau reports.

It was stated that Armenia is also launching a hypocritical smear campaign against Turkey to cover up its aggression against Azerbaijan.

Afterward noted that hypocritical attitude of Armenia which carrying out its illegal occupation in the lands of Azerbaijan many years, clearly shows that it impedes the establishment of lasting peace and stability in South Caucasus: “ Carrying out a foreign policy with such accusations and aspersions separated from context will not benefit neither region nor Armenia. Such kind of approach creates an impression only to revive one-sided historical concepts and justify their aggression. This invalid approach which ignites aggressive nationalism makes regret.” 

Sevil Unal Hilalgızı

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