Markov: "Ilham Aliyev broke information blockade on glorification of Nazism in Armenia"

Markov: "Ilham Aliyev broke information blockade on glorification of Nazism in Armenia"
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  • calendar-gray 12 October 2019

“Certainly, Ilham Aliyev raised this issue at the right time and in the right place. Thus in CIS heads of state summit held in Ashgabat. issues on 75th anniversary of the victory of  World War II, the contribution of Soviet people to victory, and the inadmissibility of the glorification of Nazism were discussed. That is why it was very important to raise this issue at this meeting,” Director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies, political scientist Sergey Markov told to APA’s Moscow correspondent.

According to him, the cases of the glorification of Nazism in the post-Soviet space are regrettable: ”Armenia is one of the countries where the glorification of Nazism is being observed currently. This country does a lot so that no one speaks on this topic so that everyone is silent. But Ilham Aliyev had broken the information blockade that was established around the theme of glorification of Nazism in Armenia. Along with this, this issue was periodically raised in Russia. 30 thousand signatures have been collected in Russia against the glorification of fascist Garegin Nzhdeh. The discussions were held in State Duma, “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” in this regard. After all of these, the Russian Government has started investigations regarding the glorification of Nzhdeh. In particular, the historical documents of the Ministry of Defense were examined. The cooperation of the Armenian Garegin Nzhdeh with the Nazis was once again proved and trained more than 30 terrorists in Bulgaria in order to carry out sabotage in the rear of Red Army. All of these are historical facts. Armenian PM could not make any response in the face of these historical facts. His attempts to respond were unsuccessful. Pashinyan just did not know how to respond to Azerbaijani President. He tried to defend the identity of Nzhdeh, but as a result, he fell into the trap of his personal propaganda. Because he could not bring any weighty argument to the facts voiced by Ilham Aliyev."

S. Markov noted that for almost 15 years the Armenian government has been carrying out propaganda on the glorification of Nzhdeh among its people, domestically and abroad: “When someone tries to try to object to them, they get angry. Along with this, Armenia supports the document of the UN General Assembly on combating against the glorification of Nazism. Yerevan allows for such double standards. If we note, in general, there are similar facts in France and Russia. For example, in France, there is Henri Philippe Pétain. He was a national hero of France during the First World War, however, he cooperated with Hitler during the Second World War. Now France does not heroize Pétain. In Russia, there is an example with General Krasnov. Therefore, Armenia in such matters should take an example from Russia and France. Despite a large number of supporters of the mentioned people in Russia and France, in these countries, there are no monuments to them and it is written in history books that they collaborated with the Third Reich. Armenia should determine its position on this issue."

Russian political expert has also recalled the installation of a memorial plaque to Garegin Nzhdeh in the city of Armavir of the Krasnodar region by the Armenian community in his country: “Certainly this plaque should be dismantled. As far as I know, the state structures of Russia are currently busy with this."

S. Markov called the equalization of Pashinyan Garegin Nzhdeh with Solzhenitsyn ridiculous: “Solzhenitsyn did not cooperate with the criminal organization SS, with Nazi agents. On the contrary, he fought against Nazism. He cooperated with the Americans. It turns out that Pashinyan equalizes the US government with Hitler. ”

The Russian political analyst emphasized Moscow’s solidarity with Ilham Aliyev the President of Azerbaijan: “Undoubtedly, official Moscow is in solidarity with President Ilham Aliyev in the fight against the glorification of Nazism, as in many issues. This is confirmed by the documents adopted by the official Moscow. The Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry's report “on the glorification of Nazism in the Post-Soviet space” and the 12-volume encyclopedia published by the Ministry of Defense are clear evidence of this. As we saw at yesterday’s summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed unconditional support for President Ilham Aliyev, saying that it’s unacceptable to try to justify Nazism and any manifestations of it. Unfortunately, Russia's position on this issue is inaccurately expressed due to the information blockade. For example, a speech regarding Garegin Nzhdeh at the summit in Ashgabat was not shown on the Russia-24 channel. I believe that the Armenians are applying an information blockade to prevent full coverage of this issue.

In his speech, President Ilham Aliyev broke through the information blockade that arose around the issue of the glorification of Nazism in Armenia. ”

Farid Akbarov

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