Activist from Ardabil: The negative attitude of the world community towards the Iranian regime inspires the nation

Alireza Ardabili

© APA | Alireza Ardabili

# 19 January 2023 17:46 (UTC +04:00)

A round table entitled "The issue of South Azerbaijan in the international world" was held at the Topchubashov Center with the participation of Alirza Ardabili, a socio-political activist from Ardabil living in Sweden, APA reports.

Azerbaijani experts also attended the event.

Alireza Ardabili noted that conception regarding the south is emerging in the Republic of Azerbaijan and it is a happy occasion.

The activist stated that the fight against regime in Iran is under own responsibility of Azerbaijanis, and the Republic of Azerbaijan can provide them only moral support: “Today human rights are not the internal issue of any country anymore, it is an international issue, in that case, the Republic of Azerbaijan can support the human rights of the people in the South. It can inform the international community about the violation of their right to education to study in their mother tongue and other rights, can support this fight.”

Ardabili stressed that sanctions often do not have a strong impact and they do not change the decisions of regimes similar to those in Iran. Those who change these regimes are the people who demand their rights and today the people are in the square demanding their rights in Iran.

“Of course, the sanctions and the negative attitude of the world community towards the Iranian regime inspire the nation, these people, and encourage the citizens to continue their fight.”

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