Ambassador: We repeatedly told the head of EP Committee on Foreign Affairs that we were ready to speak in committee

 Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Belgium and Luxembourg, who simultaneously heads the country

© APA |  Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Belgium and Luxembourg, who simultaneously heads the country's diplomatic Mission to the EU, Vagif Sadigov

# 23 January 2023 14:36 (UTC +04:00)

"European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs will convene for the meeting today. Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan will speak at the meeting, while the Azerbaijani side was not invited to the meeting,' the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Belgium and Luxembourg, who simultaneously heads the country's diplomatic Mission to the EU, Vagif Sadigov, told APA.

After the last elections held in 2019, the European Parliament has become more radicalized, and the number of populists has increased.

According to the Azerbaijani diplomat, strictly ideological left-wing and right-wing representatives have significantly lowered the intellectual and professional level of the European Parliament.

"Since the documents adopted by the European Parliament are of a recommendation nature, the executive bodies of the European Union do not take them seriously, but to some extent, they are wary of parliamentarians. Armenians have a large number of friends here in terms of religion and racism. The strengthening of Azerbaijan, including Turkiye, worries them a lot. As for France, their number is quite more and they have various opportunities here.

Overt enmity policy demonstrated by France against us in recent times is seen clearly. During our meetings, we repeatedly told the head of Foreign Affairs that we were ready to speak in the committee: alone or together with Armenians. Samed Seyidov also appealed to them in this regard in December. They did not respond. Usually, the committee invites people whom it wants to the meetings. Either they themselves invited the Armenian, or he appealed himself, I do not know- in both cases, the position of the committee deserves criticism because they hold negotiations with Armenian regarding Azerbaijan. However, we were not invited.

In this regard, Samad Seyidov wrote to the chairman of the committee, David McAllister, last week, but there was no response,” noted Vagif Sadigov.

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