Azerbaijani Ambassador responds to article in "The Economist" newspaper on Armenia

Elin Suleymanov, Azerbaijan

© APA | Elin Suleymanov, Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Britain

# 30 September 2022 16:25 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Britain Elin Suleymanov has commented on the article in "The Economist" newspaper, which is one of the well-known British publications, on Armenia, Ambassador's letter to the editorial staff has been published, APA's bureau in London reports.

"I welcome the emphasis placed on the importance of a comprehensive peace agreement between the two countries.

The fundamental question facing the region at this moment is whether we stick with a vicious circle of violence and revengeful ideals or seize the historic opportunity to rebuild the region on the basis of neighbourly relations, mutual economic dividends, and a prosperous future.

In an increasingly volatile world, it is in everyone’s interest that we close one of the saddest chapters in the recent history of our region and open a new chapter in bilateral relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the basis of fundamental principles, including territorial integrity and respect for sovereignty and independence.

Azerbaijan has made its position crystal clear that it is ready to build a peaceful future for the region in co-operation with all our neighbours including Armenia.

Armenia, however, shows a lack of consistency when it comes to taking forward the normalisation process aimed at reaching a final peace agreement. Sustained peace can only be achieved through a final peace deal, without which security situation will continue to remain volatile.

Only a satisfactory solution to the post-conflict challenges such as mining data, data about the missing persons and unblocking transportation routes will help build a degree of trust leading to sustained peace," noted in the letter.