Azerbaijani Foreign Minister: Efforts to establish peace again became victim of Armenia's revanchism policy

Jeyhun Bayramov, Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan

© APA | Jeyhun Bayramov, Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan

# 23 September 2023 20:02 (UTC +04:00)

"Despite the unprecedented sufferings, deprivations and devastation suffered by the Azerbaijani people as a result of nearly 30 years of military occupation, Azerbaijan has taken the initiative of the normalization agenda, and within the framework of mutual recognition and respect for each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the integrity and inviolability of the borders, both sides legitimately proposed a peace based on equal and mutual respect for their interests," said Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov as he delivered the National Statement at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, APA reports.

The minister noted that thanks to the unanimous efforts of international partners, the negotiation process has strengthened over the past few months and has yielded limited but promising results: "However, the trend we have observed is that Armenia repeated its past experience of causing political, military and other provocations at every stage of the negotiations.

Thus, efforts to establish a solid peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia again became a victim of Armenia's revanchism policy."