Azerbaijani MFA: Armenia's June 15 provocation put under risk residents passing through check-point and staff of ICRC

Azerbaijani MFA: Armenia
# 08 September 2023 18:13 (UTC +04:00)

“Armenia continued to challenge the very right of Azerbaijan to establish a check point on its border, tried to exploit the International Court of Justice and other instances. Having failed in all such attempts and in view of intensified use of the check point by local Armenian residents, Armenia resorted to an open military provocation on June 15. It put under the risk the residents passing through the check-point, as well the staff of the ICRC which were in close vicinity to conduct a pre-planned medical evacuation operation,” this was noted at the briefing held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

“This followed by reckless attempt for smuggling in ICRC-hired vehicles. This was acknowledged by the ICRC,” was added.

Despite these provocations, passage through the check point for medical evacuations and other urgent purposes continuing to date was emphasized: “Since June 15, ICRC has conducted 27 operations, 312 Armenian residents accompanied by 208 persons (total 520) travelled to Armenia, while 380 persons returned to Garabagh having completed their treatment. For these operations, the passage of 425 vehicles of ICRC was registered in both directions. While returning back to Garabagh, they also bring essential goods, such as medicines, baby formula. Thus, the claim that since June 15 no good is transferred to Garabagh has no basis, and simply is not true.