Jeyhun Bayramov: Representatives of local Armenians agreed to a meeting in a city determined by Azerbaijan in early August

Jeyhun Bayramov, Azerbaijani FM

© APA | Jeyhun Bayramov, Azerbaijani FM

# 24 August 2023 19:14 (UTC +04:00)

“I have mentioned several times. To accuse the Azerbaijani side of not supporting the dialogue with Khankandi, one needs to have a very rich imagination,” Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov told a briefing following a meeting with his Belgian counterpart Hadja Lahbib in Baku, APA reports.

Commenting on today’s remarks by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan about Azerbaijan avoiding the dialogue with Khankandi, Minister Bayramov described these remarks as groundless: "Because Azerbaijan has already appointed its representative, sent its representative, and the first meeting took place. After that, there was an invitation to the next meeting and this invitation was repeated. Whether this invitation is accepted or not is up to the people to whom the invitation is addressed. This topic is not directly related to the Prime Minister of Armenia. But if he makes comments on this issue, that is his right, he can make comments. Of course, we can interpret what he mentioned. We have already mentioned that in early August, agreements were reached in this direction and the representatives of local Armenians gave their approval, and there was agreement and approval regarding holding the meeting in the city determined by Azerbaijan. If the Armenian political leadership has no information, we can point out that there is nothing hidden here. The meeting was extended with various excuses, namely the fact that the person who was supposed to come to the meeting on August 5 had health problems. After all this, if someone wants to accuse Azerbaijan of a non-constructive approach to holding the meeting, it is his own business. But this is far from reality."