Kamran Aliyev: "There are footages of Armenians killing Azerbaijani soldiers"

Kamran Aliyev, Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan

© APA | Kamran Aliyev, Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan

# 06 October 2022 14:28 (UTC +04:00)

"Some countries, their embassies in Azerbaijan, their high-ranking officials take one-sided position regarding the video of supposedly Azerbaijani servicemen insult Armenian servicemen, said Kamran Aliyev," said Prosecutor General at the joint briefing of Ministry of Foreign affairs and Prosecutor General’s Office on the crimes committed against Azerbaijan by Armenian armed forces and illegal Armenian armed groups since 1988, APA reports.

General prosecutor said that such kinds of videos are spread by Armenians: “But Armenian side neither made an official statement nor showed any other behavior. But Azerbaijani political authorities have made their position clear. We are investigating those videos.”

Kamran Aliyev noted that some embassies of states didn’t abstain from demonstrating one-sided position. He said that no operation was conducted in the territories of Armenia. “We retilerate that battle didn’t occur in Armenian territories. No military operation was conducted in Armenia and it wasn’t exposed to any ecological catastrophe. Those videos require to be investigated. We claim those positions of embassies as a pressure to our investigations conducted by us. Thrice we have made statement regarding those videos. It contains fake elements. All of them must be investigated. For your information, an independent investigation group has been set up regarding this issue according to my personal order. We are investigating those videos and it will have concrete results. But it is unacceptable to put pressure on Azerbaijani government in a way of panic before the result. We possess videos of Azerbaijani soldiers, civilians being killed and insulted by Armenians. However, Armenia has not made a single statement regarding them.”