Khalaf Khalafov: "Iran's claim that the terrorist attack was a family issue is absurd; there are ample proofs"

Khalaf Khalafov: "Iran
# 29 January 2023 23:09 (UTC +04:00)

"Immediately after the occurrence of the terrorist act, some structures of Iran tried to impose on the people that the terrorist act happened on the family issue,"said Khalaf Khalafov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in an interview with journalists, APA reports.

Khalaf Khalafov said that this is absurd and distracts public opinion from the main essence of the issue:

"But you should know that our relevant bodies have sufficient evidence and materials related to the occurrence of the crime.Therefore, we will demand from Iran that the investigation be conducted fairly. All the people involved in this case, who committed this crime, must be brought to justice and must receive their deserved punishment."

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