Lavrov says Armenia by signing document in Prague, admitted that Karabakh is part of Azerbaijan

Sergey Lavrov

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# 01 December 2022 15:20 (UTC +04:00)

"Russia had proposals regarding the settlement of Karabakh back in 2012. If those proposals were accepted at that time, this problem could be solved once and for all," said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the press conference held today, APA's Moscow bureau reports.

"From that period, the concept of keeping the status of Karabakh later emerged. The concept was very simple. Armenians remove the five regions around Karabakh, remain two districts connecting Karabakh and Armenia, and the fate of these districts which are Azerbaijani districts, no one disputes this, will be determined during the period that Karabakh's status will be determined. At that time, the concept of keeping status for later appeared for the first time. "Keeping for later" means to the future generations. Then a war occurred. Trilateral statements were adopted, and trilateral Summits took place. At that time, there was a concept that Karabakh's status can be kept for later. Based on this, Russia formed its version of the peace agreement, which was presented to the parties in the spring of this year. That phrase (keeping status for later"-ed) was kept there. The Azerbaijani side said that it supports practically everything. But the issue of status needs to be further worked out.

We tried to get back to the subject at the meeting in Sochi at the end of October, to know how ready our partners are to resolve all the problems and to keep the status of Karabakh for later. However, President Aliyev and Prime Minister Pashinyan brought a document from Prague which noted that they wanted to sign the peace treaty guided by the UN charter and the Alma-Ata Declaration. It’s exactly noted in the Alma-Ata declaration which I already said that the borders between the new states will be based on the administrative borders between the union republics of the former USSR where is the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province was unambiguously a part of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. Therefore, by signing this agreement, our Armenian colleagues want Russia to approve its proposal regarding the status of Karabakh. You understand that this is not from quite a negotiation opera, but a different opera," said Lavrov.