MFA: Iran hasn't shown necessary sensitivity to our requests to take measures to ensure security of Azerbaijani embassy-STATEMENT

MFA: Iran hasn
# 27 January 2023 13:58 (UTC +04:00)

“We strongly condemn the treacherous terrorist attack against the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign affairs in a statement on a terrorist attack on the country’s Embassy in Tehran, APA reports.

“As the country where the embassy is located, the Iranian side had to fulfill its obligations under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to ensure the security of the Embassy and its employees.

There have been attempts to threaten our diplomatic mission in Iran before, and the issues of undertaking measures to prevent such situations and ensure the security of our diplomatic missions have been constantly raised before Iran. Unfortunately, the last bloody terrorist attack demonstrates the serious consequences of not showing proper sensitivity to our persistent calls in this regard.

We consider that the recent anti-Azerbaijani campaign carried out against our country in Iran has encouraged such attacks against our diplomatic mission.

We strongly demand Iran to identify and punish the perpetrators of this terrorist attack, as well as those who ordered this bloody act as soon as possible in the most severe manner.

The Azerbaijani side will use all the opportunities given by the relevant international mechanisms in order to identify those responsible and ensure that they were duly punished.

It is also planned to take appropriate measures for the evacuation of the embassy employees and family members in a situation that has emerged after the terrorist attack,” the ministry added.