MP: There is no confidence that the ICRC's activities regarding missing persons will yield results

Bahruz Maharramov, Azerbaijani MP

© APA | Bahruz Maharramov, Azerbaijani MP

# 30 August 2023 18:03 (UTC +04:00)

“The fact that there is yet no information about the fate of nearly four thousand Azerbaijanis, occupies a special place among a number of war crimes of Armenia that have been going on for more than 30 years,” Azerbaijani MP Bahruz Maharramov said in his interview with APA.

Bahruz Maharramov said that the fate of the missing citizens as a result of the genocide policy implemented by Armenia at the state level has always been one of the priorities of the Azerbaijan state.

“The multifaceted activities carried out during the past period give us a reason to say that a great number of our compatriots who are considered missing were tortured and killed as part of the ethnic cleansing carried out by Armenia just because they were Azerbaijanis and were buried in mass graves, treated in a manner contrary to human dignity.”

The MP noted that in the early periods, Armenians, in general, persistently excluded the existence of such cemeteries.

“It is a pity that the International Committee of the Red Cross, which monopolized the humanitarian mission in the region during the First Karabakh and the Patriotic War, was able to reveal certain cosmetic results only in publicized cases, but in fact, it acted in the direction of covering up Armenian crimes.

There is no confidence that the activities of the ICRC will yield any results, or that it will make any contributions to issues relating to missing persons. Of course, the government of Azerbaijan does not trust the fate of our missing compatriots only to subversive institutions like the ICRC that are a tool for political games,” the Azerbaijani MP added.