PKK’s main root is in Iran: South Azerbaijani activist

Ahmad Obali, national activist

© APA | Ahmad Obali, national activist

# 05 December 2022 15:42 (UTC +04:00)

“It seems that for certain reasons Turkiye is worried about the ethnic change within Iran. But Turkiye can seek remedy for its worry in the freedom of South Azerbaijan”, said a national activist from South Azerbaijan, head of the GunazTV Ahmad Obali, APA reports.

Ahmad Obali talked about the threat of PEJAK which is the Iranian wing of PKK, on the border with Turkiye.

“West Azerbaijan’s border is Turkiye and today PEJAK organization is stronger in West Azerbaijan. Also years ago information was given to Turkiye regarding PKK’s bases near Urmia lake. The main root of PKK is in Iran. PKK’s official wing in Iran is PEJAK. Iran formed PEJAK itself, but now PEJAK became a threat to Iran. If South Azerbaijan will be freed, there can’t be PKK, Kurdish strip between us. We are waiting for the steps from fraternal Turkiye and the positive signals made by Turkiye will grant impetus to our movement, just how Azerbaijani President affects it”, said Ahmad Obali.