Russian analyst: Armenia-US joint military exercises are traitorous blow to Moscow by Yerevan

Russian military and political analyst Yevgeny Mikhailov

© APA | Russian military and political analyst Yevgeny Mikhailov

# 11 September 2023 17:35 (UTC +04:00)

“Armenia-US joint military exercises are an open challenge to Russia. This is a traitorous blow to Moscow by Yerevan. Russia must definitely draw conclusions from this,” Russian military and political analyst Yevgeny Mikhailov told to APA's Moscow correspondent during an interview.

"Armenians’ provocation against Russian peacekeepers in Garabagh, a protest in front of the Russian military base in Gumru, wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia Anna Hakopyan visiting Kyiv, and now we see exercises with the United States. In my opinion, official Moscow must definitely draw necessary conclusions from Yerevan’s actions. Because Armenia has Russian-made weapons and radio-electronic warfare systems that Russia uses in operations in the Ukraine conflict. Armenia will in fact share military secrets with Russia's enemy. I don’t know what will happen next. But it is clear that Russia will draw certain conclusions from this situation or put pressure on Armenia. But I have no idea how diplomatic pressure will be applied to a country that has an open policy against Russia. This policy of Armenia consists of rapprochement with NATO. Yerevan is already being offered membership in the Northern Alliance. Let’s see, together with Azerbaijan, which still approaches Armenia in a diplomatic way, Russia will find a means to force Yerevan to make peace and will force Yerevan to refuse to participate in the West's games against Russia and Azerbaijan," said the political-military analyst.