Shirin Ebadi calls on Iran to apologize to Azerbaijan

Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi

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# 09 March 2023 13:40 (UTC +04:00)

"The Iranian regime is an abnormal regime," Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi said in a video address to the panel entitled "Building resilience in a divided world: Its impact on global peace" within the framework of the X Global Baku Forum on "The World Today: Challenges and Hopes" organized by the Nizami Ganjavi International Center in Baku, APA reports.

Shirin Ebadi said that Iran's intervention in Syria and Iraq shows that Tehran has violated the stability of these countries: "However, these steps of the Iranian regime are not supported by the people. The people are against the regime's pressure on people in the country and Iran's interference in other countries. The events that started in Iran in the fall of 2022 because of headscarves are a manifestation of the people's dissatisfaction. Iranian people will be free. This movement will continue until this regime is destroyed and Iran becomes a democratic state. We expect the participants of the Global Forum to support the freedom movement in Iran. Iran should also apologize for interfering in Azerbaijan in this and other ways. It is important to have democracy in Iran and we will achieve our goals in the end," she said.