South Azerbaijani activist: Azerbaijan to be renamed as North Azerbaijan may be positive step

Ahmad Obali, national activist from South Azerbaijan

© APA | Ahmad Obali, national activist from South Azerbaijan

# 05 December 2022 16:13 (UTC +04:00)

“Changing Azerbaijan’s name as North Azerbaijan may be a positive step as a strategic point of view”, said national activist, head of GunazTV Ahmad Obali at the “Iran in a new perspective” conference, APA reports.

According to him, it may put the question in the global community: “Everybody will think that this country has south part then. We use this name among ourselves anyway; we say North Azerbaijan and South Azerbaijan. But we should introduce it to the international world like this as well. The whole world will accept it the way we call it”.

Regarding the concept of South Azerbaijan of the U.S., he said that the unification of Azerbaijan and the liberation of South Azerbaijan should not be a problem for the United States: “If the U.S. to object the unification and merge of Azerbaijan, we will not accept this approach”.

Ahmad Obali highlighted that the ideologies such as communism, leftism, Shiaism, Turkism and etc. were used to distract us from our path: “The main goal was to separate us from the concepts such as homeland, Azerbaijan. Iranian state even used Turkism against Azerbaijanism and still uses it. Iran dislikes Turkism but Azerbaijanism is the concept of the homeland for us, and Iran wants to erase this concept”.