Vasif Tagiyev who neutralized the terrorist: "His intention was to kill everyone, he was fully prepared

Vasif Tagiyev

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# 06 February 2023 15:54 (UTC +04:00)

"We took over the service at 08:00 in the morning. When we were watching the area from the monitors, we saw a Saipa car approaching," said Vasif Tagiyev who got injured during the terrorist attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran, APA reports.

He noted that a person with a gun pointed at the police, shot the building, entered, and committed the crime: "Police showed no reaction to him, sitting in his place. For your information the police are also fully armed there".

Vasif Tagiyev noted that building of the embassy is a residential building: “Six families live there. The purpose of the terrorist was to kill everyone. Because he came there fully prepared. Two full cartridge clips, Kalashnikov machine gun, pistol, heavy tool, bottles filled with gasoline. After firing the first shot at Orkhan Asgarov, when I tried to disarm him, the second shot hit me in the shoulder. I wanted to throw him outside. When I caught him, the distance between us and the Iranian police was not even 10 meters. I was screaming for the police to help. Both in Persian and Azerbaijani language.”