Zakharova: "Work of the Minsk Group trio has been damaged"

Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman

© APA | Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman

# 22 June 2022 13:42 (UTC +04:00)

I doubt the sincerity of US Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfried's statement., said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at today's briefing, APA's Moscow correspondent reports that, commenting on the US Assistant Secretary of State's statement on supporting the activities of the OSCE Minsk Group.

"If Washington and Paris really considered the unique mediation format of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs important, they would not have demonstratively cut off contacts with the Russian co-chair of the Minsk Group from February 24 without any consultations. This step caused irreparable damage to the work of the Minsk Group trio. Now they speak differently. So far, they have not made any clear explanation for such a step. There is no guarantee that such actions will not be repeated. Behaving as if nothing had happened will simply not work. It will be necessary to consider the new reality," she said.