Report on Armenia’s using foreign terrorists against Azerbaijan submitted to intl. organizations

 Report on Armenia’s using foreign terrorists against Azerbaijan submitted to intl. organizations
  • Clock-gray 12:40
  • calendar-gray 29 December 2020

“As a result of the counter-offensive conducted by Azerbaijan in response to the next military provocation of Armenia on September 27, most of the occupied territories were liberated from Armenian occupation during 44-days war. Victory achieved in military operations forced the occupant to surrender and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan were liberated with the signing of a joint statement by Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia on November 10,” according to the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the final of 2020, APA reports.

It has been noted that as a guarantor of the November 10 agreement which created a new reality in the region and will ensure long-awaited peace and stability the role of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey can be specially noted.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs has deve4loped a detailed report on using mercenaries and foreign terrorist fighters by Armenia against Azerbaijan during the military battles continued in September-November has been submitted to member countries of the UN, as well as relevant international organizations.

In the direction of prevention of financial support to so-called “regime”, established in our occupied territories and armed forces through funds, created by Armenian Diasporas during the last military aggression of Armenia against our country, a report on the bodies, which provide such kind of support under cover of “charity organization”, as well as banks and financial organizations, which serve for them, has been developed and submitted to the structures in UN member states that conduct financial monitoring and international organizations with relevant profile and taking strict measures against such funds and bodies of which activity aimed at financing terrorism has been required.

Also during this period, the regular reports on the violation of international human rights and international humanitarian law by Armenia within the framework of the new military aggression against Azerbaijan, as well as purposeful targeting and killing of civilians, targeting of public and private property, civil infrastructure, and legal assessment of these actions have been presented to all relevant international organizations, especially United Nations, as well as to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs” has been noted.


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