Transfer of ammunition from Iran to Türkiye prevented in Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan

Transfer of ammunition from Iran to Türkiye prevented in Azerbaijan
# 02 May 2023 17:40 (UTC +04:00)

Employees of "Shahtakhti" customs post of the Nakhchivan General Customs Department prevented an attempt to cross the customs border of the Republic of Azerbaijan without declaration of ammunition cartridges, said Press and Public Relations Department of the State Customs Committee, APA's local bureau reports.

At the "Shahtakhti" customs post, a customs inspection was conducted for a cargo vehicle going from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Türkiye, transiting through the territory of Azerbaijan. During the inspection, 45 cartridges were found in 1 plastic container hidden inthe vehicle's cabin.

According to the opinion of the Forensic Examination Center of the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic, the found cartridges were intended for use in rifled firearms, are factory-produced 9x17 millimeter caliber cartridges, they are considered ammunition, and are suitable for use (fire).