110 kV high-voltage power line laid to Shusha - VIDEO

110 kV high-voltage power line laid to Shusha - VIDEO
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  • calendar-gray 25 December 2020

A 110 kV high-voltage power line is laid to Shusha from Fuzuli by Azerenergy OJSC in order to join Shusha city Azerbaijan’s general energy system and supply the city with sustainable energy, Azerenergy told APA-Economics.

At the same time, 110/35/10 kV “Shukurbeyli” s / s in Fizuli which will supply electric power to the most liberated territories is being completely reconstructed and its capacity is being increased. For this, 110 kV high voltage additional line was brought from “Imishli” s / s to “Shukurbeyli” s / s at a distance of 51 km. As well as, the total capacity of the substation is increased from 50 MVA to 80 MVA. The remote control of the substation with the installation of digital equipment will be provided.

“The main point is that a 110 kV power line is currently laid to Shusha from Shukurbayli substation in Fuzuli in parallel. Fuzuli-Shusha overhead power line with a total length of 75 kilometers will have 2 circles and it will allow switching power from one to another circle in the case of an incident in order to prevent break-in supply. About 100 stands of the overhead power line have been burying and cables have been hung in the distance of 15 km. High-voltage overhead power line passing through Shukurbayli village of Fuzuli, Boyuktaghlar village of Khojavand, Dashalti village of Shusha, will enter current substation in Shusha. But as works in the new 110/35/10 kV substation, which is built-in Shusha now, will end after a while, the line will be opened and installed there. Construction of 110 kV new line is conducted in the most difficult mountainous, forest landscape, in snowy, frosty, rainy weather condition with the principle of shift work,” said OJSC.


110 kV Fuzuli-Shusha line will be commissioned soon and Shusha will be supplied with our own power after many years.


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