Repair-renovation works being started in southern entrance of Baku

Repair-renovation works being started in southern entrance of Baku
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  • calendar-gray 16 December 2019

In order to prevent the landslide, occurred on the road in the direction of Bibiheybat mosque, which is part of the automobile road on state border of Baku-Alat-Gazakh-Georgia, geological-investigation works have been carried out, State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads told APA.

On the basis of a report, a project on fixing works, to be carried out on the road with the participation of State Agency for Control over Construction Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and employees of the Institution of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads and foreign specialists.

The construction of the support wall with a piled foundation in 2 points in the part below the road has been envisaged. One of them will be built in the lower part of the slope, and another one – in the central part of the slope. The piles of 1 meter in diameter will be driven into the soil in 2 rows, and the support wall of 4 and 6 meters in height will be built on the piles. 

A new drainage system will be created for the discharge of rain and underground waters. Pipes will be laid in a transverse direction in the support walls in order to ensure the discharge of water.

And based on the project developed by the institute under Azerbaijan’s State Agency for Automobile Roads, the repair and rehabilitation works will be implemented on roadbed and road foundation. It has been envisaged to restore traffic of wheeled transport on the above-mentioned part in the nearest future. For this purpose, at least 2 traffic lanes will be restored, and thereby the traffic restriction will be eliminated. 

Asmar Gabil

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