Zoom launches paid-for live events with OnZoom

Zoom launches paid-for live events with OnZoom
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  • calendar-gray 15 October 2020

Video calling app Zoom has announced a system to let people pay for live "online experiences", APA reports citing BBC.

Called OnZoom, the new spin-off platform is launching in beta with live events for fitness, music and art online events.

Zoom said it had "added event discovery and monetisation features" for online versions of "traditionally in-person events".

Tickets can be sold for events with up to 1,000 attendees.

That puts it in a segment of the market between major live-streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, and one-on-one calls.

Joseph Evans, head of technology at Enders Analysis, says the decision comes as things that people used to think had to be done in person have been forcibly moved online during lockdown.

"People are doing reiki sessions online, yoga online, medical consultations over video calls," he explained.

"That has got people very excited about the idea of being able to scale up what were events that were dependent on how many people you could get through your door.

"Now people are thinking that maybe the market for this is actually a lot bigger."

The initial beta is for US users, with events being promoted on the site for launch priced between free and $50 (£38).


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