Azerbaijani Deputy PM lends clarity to issue of violating Armenia’s sovereignty by Zangazur corridor

Shahin Mustafayev, Azerbaijan

© APA | Shahin Mustafayev, Azerbaijan's Deputy Prime Minister

# 27 October 2022 13:28 (UTC +04:00)

“It is a long time, and still there are speculations about terms of transport corridor, extraterritoriality, although they are not connected with each other, even not synonyms,” said Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev, APA-Economics reports.

He recalled that a transport corridor is a transport route through the territory of several countries that have agreed on transport, customs, and other policies to reduce costs and transit time to promote vehicles: “The concept of a transport corridor is well known to Armenia, which is a party to the Agreement on the coordinated development of international transport corridors passing through the territory of the CIS member states and other similar multilateral and bilateral documents.

As for the issue of violation of sovereignty, I remind that according to the 9th unit of the tripartite statement dated November 9, and 10, 2020, the control of road movement in Armenian territory is carried out by the border service of the Russian Federal Security Service. To what extent this fact violates sovereignty should be attributed to the Armenian government.”