Nar attains 98% satisfaction level in customer services

Nar mobile

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# 10 March 2023 14:38 (UTC +04:00)

Nar has unveiled the level of customer satisfaction regarding the services it provided during the last year. In 2022, Nar managed to maintain the quality of the service provided to its customers at an excellent level, which ultimately led to the high satisfaction by the vast majority of its subscribers.

In 2022, 98.6% of those who visited Nar’s service points with various inquiries were satisfied with the service provided. According to last year's report, about 2 million subscribers referred to the 777 Call Center and “Nar+” applications with various requests. 89% of subscribers and 86.9% of Nar+ app users expressed satisfaction with the service provided at the Call Center.

In addition, Nar responded to more than 16,000 subscriber queries on social platforms. Incoming requests were answered within 5 minutes on average. The inquiries were mostly related to tariffs, internet packages and operations with cellular number.

The mobile operator continues to renew its customer centers in 2023 to increase the level of service quality. In addition, the improvement of the “Nar+” application, which provides self-service convenience to subscribers, is one of the major goals set for this year.

“Nar” currently provides high-quality services to 2.2 million subscribers. “Nar” is the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Customer Loyalty Index for the last 4 years. Committed to its customer-centric strategy, “Nar” delivers excellent (best-in-class) service at an affordable price.