“AzerTelecom” LLC provides the service for protection from cyber attacks

 “AzerTelecom” LLC provides the service for protection from cyber attacks
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  • calendar-gray 28 June 2018

“AzerTelecom” LLC, a national backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the international Internet network providescorporate clients with the service of protection from cyber-attacks (DDOS attack protection services).It should be noted that it is part of the company's ever-expanding service portfolio along with the company's services such as wholesale Internet, leased line service, international transit.


It is important to be protected from such attacks while cyber-attacks are widespread and various obstacles are against normal use of the service. Thus, DDOS (A distributed denial of service) attacks are performed to undermine the stable functioning of the website, the web server, and other network resources. At this time, a large number of requests are sent to the server for service request. When resources are not available to process requests, it results in suspension of the service and excessive cost for normal recovery of the activity.


DDOS attack protection, available on “AzerTelecom” LLC’s service portfolio, provides protection for the line that customers use during cyber-attacks as well as unrestricted access to the Internet for the user. DDOS attack protection provides customers with secure access to the Internet and relieves them of additional costs during such attacks. “AzerTelecom” offers these protection services in a 24/7 mode with innovative technology where cyber-attacks are rising worldwide.


“AzerTelecom” LLC is a dynamically developing telecommunication operator of Azerbaijan. The company was established in 2008 and “Bakcell”, the first mobile operator of Azerbaijan is the main shareholder of “AzerTelecom”.

“AzerTelecom” provides such services as wholesale Internet, leased line, mobile backhaul, international transit, SIP telephony, FTTx (Fiber-to-the-x), Data Center services, VSAT services, Corporate network, Backbone services, Leased line over GSM, VPN (Virtual Private Network), local VoIP, DDOS protection, etc.


For more information, please visit web page www.azertelecom.az and social media pages on Facebook (www.facebook.com/azertelecom.az) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/azertelecom).






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