“AzerTelecom” provides modern telecommunication services - ®

 “AzerTelecom” provides modern telecommunication services - ®
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  • calendar-gray 01 February 2018

“AzerTelecom” LLC, a backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the international Internet network provides modern telecommunication services to the corporate customers.


According to the information given from the company’s Public Relations Department, current telecommunication services existed in “AzerTelecom” LLC portfolio enable corporate customers to easily and reliably use of the modern ICT services.


At the moment the customers are able to use the services provided by “AzerTelecom” LLC such as: wholesale Internet, leased line service, mobile backhaul, international transit, SIP telephony, FTTx (Fiber-to-the-x), Data center services, VSAT services, Corporate network, Backbone services, leased line over GSM, VPN (Virtual Private Network), local VoIP, DDOS protection etc. A variety of multiple telecommunication services provided by the company completely and timely meets the customers’ needs, also enables to develop a service package in compliance with their distinct desires and needs.


Meanwhile, “AzerTelecom” LLC also executes a number of innovative projects in order to provide customers with the ICT services meeting modern standards. These projects also enable the updates and modern approaches of the global telecommunication world to be applied in our country. “AzerTelecom” LLC provides telecom services through its modern and sustainable network. The company’s network covers all major regions and cities of Azerbaijan including the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. “AzerTelecom” LLC’s international network connects to the main telecommunication hubs by cooperating with reliable and reputable international organizations.


Note that “AzerTelecom” LLC is a dynamically improving telecommunication operator of Azerbaijan. The company has been established in 2008. For detailed info about the company, please visit our official web page www.azertelecom.az and Facebook (www.facebook.com/azertelecom.az) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/azertelecom.az) social networks.




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