Azerbaijan to turn into global transport junction - president

Azerbaijan to turn into global transport junction - president
  • Clock-gray 14:41
  • calendar-gray 25 October 2016

The head of state noted that the East-West transport corridor is about to end: “That corridor stretches from China to Europe through the Caspian sea, Azerbaijan. I hope, we’ll celebrate completion of that project after a few months. This will be the shortest route from Asia to Europe. Of course, we can jointly work in this project too. Another project, which stretches from India, Pakistan, Persian Gulf, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia to the Northern Europe, is also underway. This will allow us to transports 10 millions of tonnes of cargos through Azerbaijan. This is also the shortest among the existing routes. Croatian private ferry boats, may be used in the corridor passing through the Caspian Sea. We have been using these boats for long years. This project will also be a source of sustainable development and revenue”.


The president said that all investments in Azerbaijan are protected by the state: “You can invest in Azerbaijan, which is a country relying on its own resources, providing itself and establishing sustainable development. We are able to forget oil prices. I would like Croatia to invest more in Azerbaijan. However, this is a process basing on mutual interests and activities. I hope relations of our business circles will develop in accordance with our good political relations”. 

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