Caspian European Club tourism committee holds session

Caspian European Club tourism committee holds session
  • Clock-gray 12:53
  • calendar-gray 16 February 2018

In the course of the session held under the chairmanship of the head of the tourism committee Elshan Rahimov, the executives and representatives of the tourism companies discussed problems facing companies, as well as the ways of their solution. The suggestions made by the companies will be considered by the legal committee of the Caspian European Club, whereafter they are submitted to the relevant government agencies.


Following the results of the discussions between the working groups and government agencies, a special report and a package of proposals will be prepared for its submission to His Excellency President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Caspian European Club Ilham Aliyev.


The Caspian European Club was established in June 2002 with the support of the largest oil and gas companies working in the Caspian-Black Sea region. Since the very establishment the Caspian European Club has promoted attraction of revenues from the oil industry towards the development of the non-oil sector. The Caspian European Club, which brings together more than 5,000 member companies and organizations, operates in 70 countries around the world and makes proactive efforts to support a dialogue between the government agencies and the private sector.


For two years, the Caspian European Club will manage the Caspian American Club (established on 16 December 2016) and Caspian Asian Club (established on 26 January 2018).


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