SES expert: More work should be done for the development of eco-system in Azerbaijan - INTERVIEW

SES expert: More work should be done for the development of eco-system in Azerbaijan - INTERVIEW
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  • calendar-gray 20 July 2018

Gabi Heimsos, an expert from Senior Expert Services (SES) company, cooperating with Baku Business Factory on the appeal of the organization to the German Foreign Trade Chamber (AHK) is on a three-week business trip to Baku. 


APA-Economics informs, the aim of the visit is to hold personal and group meetings with BBF's startups, share German experience and help startups to create relations with German companies.


In addition, the expert will facilitate the establishment of links between business incubation centers with which she cooperates in Germany and the BBF with the aim of securing its residents to the German market.


During her visit G.Heimsos agreed to give an interview to Report news agency and share her opinion about the visit.


-You have recently visited Baku Business Factory. What impressions have you got after the visit?


- I have had good impressions. The office space was bright and friendly. BBF provides broad opportunities for young entepreneurs to lay the basis for their business and that's very nice, as many of these entepreneurs cannot always afford the cost of office space or lack knowledge on how to register and further expand their business. This is really important things for beginner entepreneur.


-What startups in BBF attracted your attention the most?


- Many of the startups in BBF were interesting. For example "Ticket set up", "Mr. Bee", "Balta", "Darts Games", "Keepmycoin", "Brandcream". Actually, any kind of startup is interesting, the main thing is to present it in attractive way and feel the momentum.


In general, I was pleased with the attention that is being paid to start-ups development in Azerbaijan.


- Could  you provide us information about startups registration process in Germany?


-The first way is almost going to IHK – Industrie und Handelskammer (same as AHK in Baku). At all city’s you can find IHK`s . They give trainings and consulting about what to do. There are also many Start-up Centers in Germany – they almost give trainings and rooms. For example:, or


At the beginning of your entrepreneurship you have to register by the commercial office, they give Information to tax office and to trade association. There are some commercial activities that require special approval. For example: working with electricity, open an restaurant, working in social and health and so on. The commercial office also the IHK`s will give you information.


- What young entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan need more in order to achieve success with their startups?


- They should be more concerned with their business and their future plans. They need more consulting about how to do and how to start. Realistically look at the feasibility of the idea. Deal with their future prospects about their business idea. Create business plan and calculate the worst and best case. They need to understand that they can fail but at the same time never give up and continue realize their ideas, because one day you can catch your jack-pot.


And I believe that more work should be done for the development of eco-system in Azerbaijan.


-How did you find Baku for tourism?


- Baku is really interesting for tourism. Striking for me was the cleanliness in the city. The nice boulevard, manyparks and rest areas with green and plants. Difficult was the orientation in Metro and Bus station. They are mostly in Azerbaijani language. 


- Which organizations have you met and what was your impression?


- I met with representative of the Ministry and his colleague in Baku. They were very interested in all types of German business knowledge. It feels like we want to go a new way and we are ready to start now. I also met students from ADA University. They were all very interested in getting knowledge about how to be an entrepreneur.



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