At least 6 UK Brexiteer ministers to resign if PM backs no-deal

At least 6 UK Brexiteer ministers to resign if PM backs no-deal
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  • calendar-gray 31 March 2019

At least 6 Senior pro-European British ministers on both sides of UK's Brexit impasse could resign, depending on what course UK Prime Minister Theresa May would support next week, The Sunday Times newspaper reported.

Theresa May will be warned today that her government faces total collapse unless she passes her Brexit deal — as the prime minister's aides were at loggerheads over whether to accept a soft Brexit or call a general election this week, The Sunday Times said.

The UK parliamentarians voted down for the third time on Friday the agreement negotiated by Theresa May's government and the European Union on the UK withdrawal from the bloc. Under the existing arrangements, London currently has until 12 April to either present an alternative Brexit plan or leave the European Union without a deal.

European Council President Donald Tusk has called a meeting of the heads of state and government to discuss the possible Brexit scenarios on 10 April. Notably, on Wednesday, UK parliamentarians voted against eight alternative Brexit options which ranged from leaving without a deal or holding the second Brexit referendum to abandoning the withdrawal plans.

A large pro-Brexit demonstration in the UK capital erupted Friday following the third defeat of May's withdrawal deal in the parliament.

One protester told Sputnik that he against the European Union due to its undemocratic nature, while another rally participant said that he wanted the United Kingdom to have independence and sovereignty, expressing confidence that a second referendum would also result in a pro-Brexit outcome.

The United Kingdom continues to grapple with its Brexit crisis, stemmed from the government's inability to agree on the proper terms on which it will exit the European Union following its decision to do so exactly two years ago. The UK government will now scramble to either draft a new deal to present to the European Council or face the economic repercussions of leaving the bloc without a deal.

Faiq Mahmudov

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