Mike Pence: "Russia and Iran have no business in Venezuela"

Mike Pence: "Russia and Iran have no business in Venezuela"
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  • calendar-gray 11 April 2019

“US has been marshaling support across the Arab world to confront the malign influence and violence that’s exported by Iran across the region, and we’ll continue to do that”, US Vice President Mike Pence has said after the meeting of UN Security Council addressing the situation in Venezuela, ONAreports citing White House’s website.

Pence added that the designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization is a part of this policy.

“We’re just going to continue to stand up, and to stand up to the ayatollahs in Iran, confront them for their malign influence in the region.  But we’re also going to stand with the people of Iran who, even this year, have taken to the streets to see freedom restored in their country,” he said.

Commenting on possible interference of Iran and Russia in Venezuela, US Vice President said:

“The President’s message is very clear: Russia and Iran have no business in Venezuela. They should step aside and allow the people of Venezuela to restore their democracy and their freedom.”

“Russian aircraft landing in Venezuela, bringing personnel of a non-descript nature into the country in some security role or advisory role, is just unacceptable," US Vice President added.

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