Putin says North Korea needs security guarantees

 Putin says North Korea needs security guarantees
  • Clock-gray 14:26
  • calendar-gray 25 April 2019

"DPRK needs guarantee is that its sovereignity will be preserved", Russian President Putin said at the press conference after meeting with North Korean leader, APAreports. 

Answering to the question that how agreement can be reached in denuclearization process, Putin said that N.Korea wants to be sure that after denuclearization its sovereignity will not be violated and for this the intenational law should be restored. 

"The most important thing is to restore international law. We need to come back to situation where the international law sets the rules instead of might making right. This would be the first and most important step towards resolving such complex situations, such as the situation that we have on the Korean Peninsula, today."

"Denuclearization means that North Korea will have to disarm. North Korea openly says that DPRK needs guarantee is that its sovereignity will be preserved. The only guarantee you can offer is international law," Putin said. 

"We need some confidence-building measure first," he added.   

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