Spanish, French police detain leader of ETA militant group

Spanish, French police detain leader of ETA militant group
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  • calendar-gray 16 May 2019

Madrid has been attempting to arrest ETA's former political chief Jose Antonio Urruticoetxea Bengoetxea, known as Josu Ternera, since 2002, linking him to an attack on a police barracks in Zaragoza in 1987 that claimed the lives of 11 people, ONAreports citing Sputnik.
According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, Josu Ternera, head of the Basque guerilla group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (Homeland and Liberty), commonly known as ETA, has been detained by Spanish and French authorities in the city of Sallanches in the French Alps.
Ternera, who is believed to be seriously ill, recorded a "final declaration" back in May 2018, announcing the complete dissolution of ETA.
Over 800 people have fallen victim to violent attacks carried out by ETA, which was established in 1959 in order to force the Spanish and French governments to recognize an independent Basque state.
Despite the group announcing a ceasefire in 2011, and then dissolving itself last year, Spain continues to investigate ETA's actions and prosecute some of its former members.


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