Trump may bypass Congress to launch Iran war

Trump may bypass Congress to launch Iran war
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Donald Trump may not need Congress’ go-ahead to launch a war against Iran, something that his advisers “have been quietly building” a case for amid mounting sanctions, ONAreports citing NBC News.

The author claims that the plan’s key elements include drawing links between al-Qaeda and Iran to portray the Islamic Republic as a terror threat to the US, “which is exactly what administration officials have been doing in recent weeks".

That could give Trump the justification he needs to fight Iran under the still-in-effect 2001 use-of-force resolution without congressional approval”, Allen argues, adding that Congress will unlikely grant the US president “new authority to strike Iran under the current circumstances”.

The author’s comments come after the New York Times quoted several unnamed senior US officials as saying that “[President Donald] Trump was firm in saying he did not want a military clash with the Iranians”.

Earlier, Trump was reportedly frustrated with his top advisers over Iran, saying that the hard-line policy pushed by Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo could lead to the involvement of the US in a military struggle with Tehran, breaking Trump’s campaign pledge to avoid costly foreign wars.

The Washington Post cited an unnamed source as saying that Trump wants to speak with the Iranian leaders and find a diplomatic solution as he is uncomfortable with talks of war with the country and “all this ‘regime change’ talk.”

Faiq Mahmudov

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