UK Parliament Rejects Brexit Delay, Any No-Deal Brexit in Series of Votes

UK Parliament Rejects Brexit Delay, Any No-Deal Brexit in Series of Votes
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  • calendar-gray 14 March 2019

Following the second defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan on Tuesday, UK lawmakers have reaffirmed their commitment to reach an agreement with the European Union for terms of exit before March 29, when the UK will leave the bloc regardless. A second vote on a "managed no-deal Brexit" was firmly rejected, with 374 voting against it, ONAreports quoting sputniknews.


The vote for Amendment A to May's deal, also called the "Spelman Amendment" for the Conservative lawmaker who proposed it, was barely passed by the House of Commons, with 312 votes for and 308 against. Caroline Spelman's amendment simply said, in no uncertain terms, that parliamentarians would commit themselves to avoiding a no-deal Brexit by passing some kind of agreement with Brussels for what a post-Brexit relationship will look like before the UK leaves the EU on March 29.


The other amendment, F, colloquially called the "Malthouse B" Amendment after Housing Minister Kit Malthouse, aims to create a framework for a so-called "managed no-deal Brexit," providing a way forward in case Parliament fails to affirm a deal with Brussels. Lawmakers firmly rejected the proposal, a compromise between Remainers and Euroskeptics that would have steered around the economic trauma of a raw no-deal exit and instead focused on minimizing disruption through "mini-deals" by both London and Brussels. The vote was 164 for and 374 against.

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