Azerbaijani NTRC orders radio programs be monitored for shortcomings

Azerbaijani NTRC orders radio programs be monitored for shortcomings
  • Clock-gray 09:34
  • calendar-gray 31 January 2018

There are some concerns about radio broadcasts in Azerbaijan, Tavakkul Dadashov, head of the Expertise, Programming and Analytical Department of the National Television and Radio Council (NTRC) said in response to APA’s inquiry.


“Both the monitoring team's observations and public reactions show that nothing is in order for radio broadcasters to work,” he said. 


The department head also clarified the main problems in the work of radio broadcasters. 


"Some of the main problems have to do with the speeches of some radio hosts, as well as discussions on morally offensive topics and failure to comply with ethical rules in communication with listeners. In addition, there are also some problems with radio programs' software policies. The legislation on TV and Radio Broadcasting reflects a number of roles of the radio. One of them is that too much broadcasting of programs of the same style should be avoided. However, unfortunately, a number of radio broadcasters consider their work sufficient, filling the air with music and news. Radio broadcasters should provide a variety of programs and pay more attention to educational work,” he said. 


Dadashov also stressed the need for professional selection of music by radio broadcasters.


The department head said that the NTRC leadership has instructed the monitoring group to tighten monitoring of radio programs and conduct a comprehensive analysis in this regard.


“The results of the monitoring will be announced in the second half of March,” he added.  


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