Azerbaijani MP: Issue of suspending activity of media organizations promoting separatism in Azerbaijan should be considered

Bahruz Maharramov

© APA | Bahruz Maharramov

# 04 September 2023 16:04 (UTC +04:00)

“When the Constitution of Azerbaijan was adopted, we guaranteed everyone's freedom of opinion and speech, information, as well as creativity,” Azerbaijani MP Bahruz Maharramov told APA.

"Unfortunately, we are witnessing the use of media giants such as Radio Liberty, BBC, and Washington Post with great potential as the most important tools in the crusades organized by the West under the name of protecting human rights. In particular, the media organizations that play the role of this cesspool have an exceptional role in turning the "humanitarian disaster" scenario, which started recently and did not have any effect, into a global show. These media organizations which idolize the principles of the territorial integrity of the states, declare them sacred and inviolable in Spain, France, Georgia and Ukraine, openly and unhesitatingly support separatism in relation to Azerbaijan, and even set up sentimental scenes and promote enmity and hostility based on national, religious, social and other criteria. It is a pity that in recent days, the BBC is distinguished by its special "principality" in this format,” Bahruz Maharramov said.

The MP asserted that looking at the history of activities related to Azerbaijan, it has never been observed that the BBC took a stand based on international law, rights, and justice, called the occupation an occupation, condemned the aggression, and expressed the violation of the fundamental rights of more than 1 million people: "But around 20 thousand serves the world without any factual basis that 120 thousand people are facing hunger in Garabagh, where ethnic Armenians live and which the whole world, even Armenia itself, recognizes as the territory of Azerbaijan. Why does the BBC, which is not tired of continuously showing trucks that are lined up in front of the Lachin border checkpoint and filled with a cargo of unknown origin, not say a word about the food cargo waiting on the Aghdam-Khankandi road not being allowed to Garabagh? This is hypocrisy in its open form and is calculated to incite the real situation into an ethnic conflict. Hostile activity directed against Azerbaijan and the healthy environment in the region, led by the BBC, which threatens peace and stability, should be investigated, and the most radical decisions should not be avoided. The issue of suspending the activity of media organizations promoting separatism in Azerbaijan should be considered."